Diary of A Fenugreek Microgreen!

Fenugreek is predominantly used in Indian cuisine and can be used fresh or dried for spice (think curry powder)!  Fenugreek microgreens are a bit bitter, spicy, & nutty all at once. From our experience with this beautiful Hamama crew, you’re either a lover or hater of fenugreek microgreens lol! No matter what, it doesn’t hurt to try it once and see which camp you’re in!  Let us know if you’re Team Fenugreek or not – we can’t wait to hear what you think!

Oftentimes these little fenu-greens can be a little confusing to watch grow – they’re definitely very different from all the other Hamama microgreens!  It takes a bit longer to sprout up and balloon the Seed Quilt than other varieties, its seeds typically don’t fall easily from the leaves, and the more golden-brown color can be surprising to first-time fenugreek growers.  

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