My name is Paneerselvam Poobalan (Dr-vege) father to two kids, with engineering background and very passionate on farming for own living.


About 10 years of gardening experiences and knowledge learnt from masters and online gurus from this field, today I could be able to identify natural way to produce own
organic, which nourishes plants for the tremendous growth.

My research

Base on my research in microgreen, I have found our ancestors’ wisdom in understanding the tips and strategies to nourish the soil. Mainly, the nine (9) types of seeds called (Navatahiyam) that you can create enriched soil for plantation. Its contents 9 types of mineral infused with soil, therefore additional fertilizer is not required. These seed have interconnection between 9 planets as well to make our Aura Clean Always.



I wish to share the details during my upcoming webinar. 

Date :  10/12/2022  Saturday 

Time :  10am to 12pm 


My Passion

I have created small herbals Garden for my family to treat common sickness such as flu, headache and fever. Many of my friends have said that “you have Green hands , in Malay called (Tangan  Hijau) you can grow any  plants.  Easy for you but not for me”.  


Apparently, anyone can grow simple vegetables from seeds. It is very possible with the right techniques. Many of us thinking to farming require larger ground, to be very honest it is not an issue at all. You can start even with small planter box. Initially, it was challenging for me, especially in creating successful gardening formula. 


Microgreen plants

Step# 1 : Soil Preparation

Step # 2 : Planting & Harvest

Step # 3 : Gardern to Kitchen

My projects

Most importantly I also invited qualified nutritionist Vinothini She will be explain benefits of the Microgreens to us. 



Course content

A complete walkthrough Video guide where you will be learning from seeding, each day progress to harvest with all necessary information & details.


• Basic materials & equipment.

• Setting up a grow setup.

• Ways to deal with various growing issues.


• How to convert normal soil into nutrition soil from navataniyam 

• How to make own compost from fruits and dry leaves

• where you can sell microgreen at premium price  from RM 20 to RM50 – 100grm



The basic requirement as follows:

• Willingness to learn from my mistake

•  Any part of your home regardless of where you are living whether in a city apartment/basement

•  Minimum time, money and resources

•  365 days (all year round) regardless of weather change

•  With very minimal materials and equipment

•  Non-chemicals and pesticides free


• Easy indoor growing techniques by maintaining lights, water, temperature, humidity and air-circulation.


 Who could benefit from this course?

•        Beginner

•        Gardener

•        Students

•        Nutritionist

•        Health-conscious person


Starter kits Gift bag

•   Fermented soil  

•   5 types of Seeds 

•  Bonus item Pafcal 

• 6 Months Couching Online  with me and nutritionist to keep you Fit and healthy


PAFCAL is a Japanese-made organic product that makes planting easy. It is a sponge-like material that looks like peat soil, designed by Toyota Suntory Company in Japan, the company aims to make a greener environment with Pafcal 


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